52 Snapshots of Life, Week 12: Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The photo challenge this week is Green, so I had a little fun with photo editing!

Green1 Green2



Have a great day, and be safe if you are celebrating the day! 


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52 Snapshots of Life, Week 11: Travel

Photo challenge time! Week 11 is travel…So, here are some of my favorite pictures from my most recent trips; Wyoming with my family, and Mexico for my little brother’s wedding!


Wyoming 121 Wyoming 019 Wyoming 026 Wyoming 063 Wyoming 094B Wyoming 118



Saphne 042 Saphne 018 Mexico5 Mexico2



Have a great week, friends!


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Adoptiversary time!

Today marks one year that sweet Stella was adopted!! She came to the rescue from a good Samaritan who rescued her mama and babies. Stella was with me for a couple of months, until her future mama saw a video I posted of her playing on my FB page. She was then adopted, and spends her days with her doggie sis Izzy! Here are some of my favorite pictures of this beautiful brindle girl, as well as a couple pics of her and hew forever sister!



photo 3 (12)


Feb2014 165

Stella7 Stella6


Shout out to Stella’s mama for letting me steal her “all grown up” pictures!!

Happy adoptiversary, Stella!!! 


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52 Snapshots of Life, Week 10: Mischief

I’ve been seriously slacking but trying to get caught up on some things this weekend…the blog being one of those things!

This week’s snapshot challenge is mischief. With a bully in the house, that’s easy…although actually catching his mischief on film is tricky!

Oscar loves towels, blankets, and scarves. If there is one within his reach, he is sure to be found at least once a day, running through the house with one trailing behind him. So, he has been playing with this red scarf that is part of the kiddo’s Elvis costume. This morning he was feeling extra frisky thanks to the chilly weather, and was being extra mischievous!! So, then…this happened…

image image

Yep, that’s what he gets from playing with a scarf! 😉


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52 Snapshots of Life, Week 7: Love

This week’s 52 Snapshots of Life theme is love…what an easy topic!! So, I thought I’d share some random pictures that I love!


Jayden & my parents in Wyoming

Iphone 07.09.14 237

My little brother & my kiddo…two of my most favorite people in the universe!!

Iphone 07.09.14 175   Iphone 07.09.14 288 Iphone 07.09.14 296





May 2014 069Oscar3




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Today is Piper’s one year adoptiversary! She is one of my special pup’s, who I personally requested to save from the Gainseville shelter. Little did I know, she was coming to us with two broken legs! They were in the process of healing, but the shelter didn’t mention it to us. Luckily the ortho vet said she just needed time to heal. I honestly thought this was going to put a huge damper on her getting adopted…but it didn’t! I shared Piper on my personal FB page, and turns out she looked just like a dog that a friend’s parents used to have. We discussed Piper, and long story short, she had a pending application after only about 2 weeks in my home! And, the adopters only live about a mile from my parent’s house! Anywho, so today marks a special day! The day when the sweet, golden goddess Piper found her forever home!

Dec 2013 107 Dec 2013 006 Dec 2013 009 Dec 2013 060 Dec 2013 103

Here’s some pictures of Piper in her forever home!


I can’t say thank you enough to her wonderful parents! It is a fabulous feeling to see Piper being loved and cared for the way she deserves. I love my foster pups & their awesome families, that is for sure!!

Happy living, Golden Goddess!!! 


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52 Snapshots of Life, Week 4: Dream

Sleep well, dream hard, snore loudly

…that was Symone’s motto for life! I hope she is frolicking freely somewhere, enjoying piles of never-ending food and 24 hour butt scratches!



Happy Friday, friends!



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