Princess Lucy

This is Lucy! She is a 2.5 yr old boxer mix. (I think she is mixed with Pug, or Beagle maybe!) I adopted her from a humane society in Georgia, when she was about 10 weeks old. She is an absolute angel, and LOVES everybody! She is very well behaved, although she jumps…a lot…like a kangaroo, at the sight of any person within 30 feet of her! She loves walks, car rides, and giving kisses. She is the sweetest, most social dog I have ever known. If it weren’t for her loving, sweet “personality”, I could never foster. Lucy actually seems to prefer having another dog around. On the rare occassion that I haven’t had a foster, she resorts back to shredding towels, blankets, paper…but when there is a foster, she can be left loose and behaves like an angel! She stays by my side off-leash, asks before getting on furniture, and never begs for food. I seriously don’t know how I was blessed with such a good girl, but I am very thankful for my little princess! Here are some pictures of Lucy, from puppy hood to recent!

Lucy Lucy2 Lucy3 Lucy4 Lucy5Lucy1Feb2014 096 Dec 2013 117


One Response to Princess Lucy

  1. vpark3 says:

    She’s gorgeous x

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