Shelter Dogs

My little animal lovin’ kiddo & I were at the shelter today. (They were having an event, and I donated blood.) After playing with the kitties, we decided to go visit the dogs. I knew this was probably a bad idea, and it would make me sad, but I also thought it was important to show Jayden. These dogs are the reason that we foster. I wanted him to see the setting where they come from, how little attention they get, and how many different types and ages of dogs there were.


This is Kail. He is a beautiful, 4 yr old, sweet pit mix. He was so laid back, not phased at all by the craziness that is a dog shelter. Dogs were barking & whining, people were walking by, but he was just hanging out. He wagged his tail at anyone that looked his way. As you can see, he stuck his paws out for some scratches when I knelt down to say hello. This picture does not do him any justice either. He is absolutely gorgeous in person!

There were so many different breeds there. Lots of dogs branded as a pit bull mix, a few black mouth currs, a couple boxers, and a handful of labs. There was also an adorable, 7 yr old Golden Retriever there. I wish I could have gotten a picture of him! He was SO handsome, and very playful. He did that typical play stance, where his wiggly butt was in the air, just begging me to play.

Sweet TThis awesome guy is Sweet T, and he has the biggest head I’ve ever seen! He definitely lives up to his name, wiggling and wagging at everyone. He didn’t make a peep either. He was just happy to get our attention for a few minutes!

Ruby DeeThis poor girl is Ruby Dee. If you think she looks scared in this picture…she looks even more terrified in person. Jayden and I both tried so hard to get her to come to us, but she wouldn’t move. She stayed huddled in the corner, sad and alone and scared. Ruby is 2 yr old, very pretty, and she has an adorable underbite! She is one of the dogs that they have as a “pit bull mix”, although if you ask me, she looked more like an American Bulldog & Boxer mix. I wish I could have just gone in the kennel and sat with her. I can only imagine what must have been going through her head.

LucyThis little gem is Lucy! She was super sweet, and barked at us when we dared to walk away from petting her! Hopefully her sweet disposition and funny personality will get her a new family asap!


A few more cuties that we met:





Chocolate Lab Mix

DudeThis is Tony (pictured above). A 4 yr old, male, pit bull mix. He is so, so loving! He kept shoving his nose through the only opening he could find, trying to give us kisses. His tail did NOT stop wagging. Ever! And like most of the other pitties there, he wasn’t affected by the craziness that was going on. He didn’t bark; he didn’t seem stressed. He just wanted some love and attention. It made me think of my Oscar, and how much he craves cuddling and being loved on. I am certain that Tony would be a larger version of my little cuddle bug!

photo (14)


Moo Moo was another adorably sweet girl. As soon as you say hello to her, she presses her side up to the kennel, expecting you to scratch her! And when you stop scratching her, she looks back at you with this sweet but sassy look, as if to say “what’d you stop for fool?!”



Is it any wonder why this girl was on of my favorites? Look at those incredible pittie ears! Diva is one of those dogs that doesn’t know a stranger. She was so happy to see anyone that would give her attention. She kept standing up, putting her paws up on the door. And like Lucy (mentioned up above), she’d bark at us when we dared to walk away from her. I hope someone will take her home soon!

Most of the dogs seemed pretty happy, some were a little stressed, but still doing ok. They just wanted out of there. There were a few though that were sad, like Ruby. Beautiful pups giving poor, soulful looks, so confused as to why they are there. I can’t get sweet Ruby’s face out of my head. She was just so scared. I left there thinking, what can I do, how can I help these dogs. Sure I am fostering for the rescue, but I want to do more. I live in a townhouse, so adopting any more dogs is out of the question…trust me, if I could fit another dog, Ruby would have walked out with me!

To be honest, before I found Last Hope Rescue, I actually started to begin the process to volunteer for the shelter. Then I found out it was a kill shelter, and I found the rescue, and I didn’t think I could handle spending time with a dog and then finding out the next week that it had been put down. So, I just went with the rescue and never thought about it again. But after seeing their faces today, and having my own rescue dog that was saved at the last minute, I can’t bear the thought of them dying without attention, or an extra walk, or some sunshine.ย So, I have decided to start volunteering with the shelter, to walk the dogs on the weekends. It doesn’t cost money, just a little bit of time. And while it won’t save a life, it will at least let them feel the sun on their skin, get some fresh air, and of course, I will completely spoil them with attention and love! It will be hard at times, I know that. I am certain there will be some that I ache to take home with me. There will be some that I can’t stop thinking about. However, I feel it would be selfish on my part if I didn’t do this. It is the LEAST I can do. These dogs are in the shelter because of careless, irresponsible humans. They’ve been dumped and left in a scary place, by people that were supposed to be their family. While I can’t take them home to be a part of my family, I promise to give them the love and attention they deserve, so they can feel like I am their friend, even if it’s only for a short time…



**All of these dogs are adoptable, and located at the Tallahassee Animal Shelter. If you are looking for a new pet, go check them out!




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13 Responses to Shelter Dogs

  1. This made me cry. I live in a tiny townhome, but I have made it a goal to move to a home with acreage (again) as soon as I am able to. Years ago, I sat on the Board of Partners for Pets in Marianna, FL – a no kill shelter. Now, I share the posts of dogs in shelters and with LHR hoping that one of my fb friends will adopt these sweet pups. I have a heart full of love to give, a little money to donate, and have the deepest respect for anyone volunteering at the shelter. I would love to volunteer at the shelter, but I fear I would spend more time crying over the pups that I knew would not be there at my next visit – knowing they had not been adopted. Ruby, well, I would need to be in there holding her or I would end up shedding tears as I watched her huddled in the corner so scared and so sad. No dog should ever feel scared and sad. They are the innocent ones in this world who consistently give us unconditional love. They deserve that unconditional, forever love in return. Someday, pups like Ruby, will have a home with me. I just hope it is someday soon. Thank you to everyone who fosters and/or adopts a shelter/rescue pup.

  2. Dana says:

    Thank you and Jayden for spending some time with the shelter dogs. They hold a special place in my heart and I know how much they loved the attention you gave them.

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  4. Beautiful pooches! You do amazing things and thanks for reminding us to do the same, even if only spreading the word or giving a little bit of our time. Thank you!

  5. Morgan says:

    You’re the! And you are so right. I need to force myself to start going to the shelter here, too. I know I’ll ache the way you mentioned, but you are exactly right. They have been let down by rotten examples of the human species and the least I can do is show them some brief love. It’s just selfish not to! Thanks for the kick in the butt that I needed.

  6. Dajana says:

    God bless you! You are an example for us all, thanks for all you are doing for the dogs! Dajana xxx

  7. It hurts, plain and simple, but that’s why we get involved and volunteer so that we can help ease their sadness and give them the love and attention they so deserve. You’re doing a great thing, thank you.

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